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Adventure Venture Q&A. Tips for matchmaking a sagittarius woman

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Adventure Venture Matter and Solutions :

AQ better subrace?

what is the greatest subrace in Adventure pursuit werepyre,vampire or lycan?

And provide the huge benefits and performance of every subrace.

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naturally it’s werepyre silly!

werepyre can empty like vampires AND regenerate like werewolves! guardians or x-guardians merely!

Greatest Battle

if u aren’t a guardian, take are wolf. Im a level 2 werewolf at lv. 20. it needless to say are Ur choice. But the vampires of the underworld are simpler to destroy. Always utilize the Darklaw. If u were a guardian or x protector, werepyre however!

Top Battle

Certainly a werepyre! They have huge power in addition to skills of a vampire and a werewolf!

Best Subrace

Werepyre. Assaults twice, regenerates 5 HP any time you struck, and contains big dark defense. But do not attempt to see smart. Any time you simply take the armor with no race, you merely assault when and do not regenerate anyway. Furthermore, you should be a vampire or werewolf first to go to The Secret and satisfy Wolfwing!

i’m not a gurdian but i am a werepyre!!

i’m not a gurdian but im a werepyre!!


Can anyone let me know the advantages and negatives of dracopyre, werepyre, werewolf and vampire


u have the capabilities of both vampires of the underworld and werewolves, nevertheless best get one brand of approach. still opt for werepyre.


dracopires are the best becouse you will be a werewolf, vampire, and dragon.

Nothings better than Dracopyre finest competition actually ever

we agree with above me personally xP

Dracopyre is the best. Even if you dont possess complete armour the cheaper ones own.

Im kind of combat using my home wether becoming a vamp or were wolf and on occasion even a vampire slayer. I do not like blended races like werepyre or dracopyre they bore me personally therefore whats the best competition.


Hhhmmm been both. Instead of seam char. Pick werewolf u regenerate. Yoou should do additional try to end up being a vampire slayer or nighthunter today. Vampire covering good part. Nighthunter evil side.


Be a vampire this is the finest rece previously do it now.


Vampire’s and werewolf’s have a similar what to changes and take existence the others need dfferent situations they may be able do. But out-of vampire and werewolf I might become a vampire.

Dracowerepyre/Dracop yre

Dracopyre is superior to vampire and werewolf but this would be the best conditions: -if you are an amount 10 vampire, never let it rest until such time you wish to taste another subrace’s electricity. -if you will be an even 10 werewolf, don’t let it rest until such time you should taste another subrace’s power. (they provide the utmost pros for every single competition but guardians take the entire great things about they. [vampire]: guardians can create the special fight more frequently and lifestyle steal much more. [werewolf]: guardians can regenerate more often and around doing 50% just like the leader werewolf yet not as hard as your.

Werepyre: a sub race you ought to be a guardian to get their complete advantages. There is no need to be a guardian to get this sub race. Click trips map, next darkovia(lv5 needed), then secret throughout the lowermost left role. But keep in mind that you ought to end up being sometimes a werewolf or a vampire(any lvl perform) since if you are an individual, wolfwing will kill your.

Dracopyre: best subrace now. I am recommending one either purchase the decreased dracopyre’s or work tirelessly to help make their dracopyre amount to lv 7 to open the non-guardian lifetime take. You should be levels 70 to coach to improve their energy with nightreign/gracefang.

And best mention: if you find yourself amount 70, don’t hesitate to become a dracopyre! They heals you(regenerate) every change and also the existence steal(active skills) is significantly better and much better than the steal of vamps and werepyres. You are going to appreciation your lifetime take if the crit.

I’m Master Ian

I uploaded usually the one above. If you don’t would you like to trust in me, i am not pressuring one think. Im already standard 72 and that I know all forces of San Antonio escort service each and every sub competition. Though i’m not a guardian, i’m sure many things in adventurequest a large number of guardians you shouldn’t.


I think it is dracopyre. If you aren’t lvl 70 though I would personally try for werepyre.


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Dracopyre However

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